Chapter Realignment

Chapter Realignment Information

With Mawat Woakus Lodge following the Black Swamp Area Council’s decision to merge parts of Hawthorn District with adjacent districts, we have a few procedures that we have come up with, since this is happening so close to election season.


For OA unit elections, we will be running everything normally in Arrowwood. For Chinquapin, Great Oaks, and Old Sycamore, we will be running elections normally. For Hawthorn Chapter, we will be having an election team set up for each county, if possible, and the election team will be responsible for handling the elections in said county. In other words, each county (Putnam, Paulding, and Van Wert) will be running independently from each other. At the conclusion of that individual county’s unit elections, all election information will be handled by the chapter that said county is merging into. Below is which chapter to submit information to:

Putnam County ==> Great Oaks Chapter 

Paulding County ==> Chinquapin Chapter

Van Wert County ==> Old Sycamore Chapter

By clicking on the chapter name, you can find out information about the chapter adviser for each chapter. Please contact them regarding any questions with submission, and try to go to that chapter’s monthly chapter meeting during election season to receive any information you might need. We want to make this as smooth as possible, and we can only do it with your help!

After Unit Elections

After the unit elections are complete, here is a map of how the new boundaries will be set up:

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-3-27-09-pmBelow shows the new boundary lines that the council and the lodge will be adopting. After February 1st, if you are in what is Putnam, Paulding, or Van Wert County, please go to your new chapter’s chapter meetings. These new boundaries were chosen because three of the chapters contain cultural centers (Lima, Findlay, and Defiance), and only one chapter (Hawthorn) is negatively affected. If you have any questions regarding the realignment of chapters, please contact the lodge chief at .